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More About Me.

Volleyball, dance, journalism, athletic training, public health, traveling, medicine, social justice, and youth empowerment are all different avenues I spread myself thinly in.

I fell into journalism by mistake. I was searching for a class in the English – communications catalog after my introductory class and came upon news media writing. I thought the class was ‘new’ media writing and interpreted it as online media, so I enrolled in the class. After looking at the syllabus I thought, “What did I get myself into?” As time went on this class turned out to be the right mistake.

How does athletic traning fit in? I wanted to heal people first-hand. I thrived in a sports environment and took care of 10 to 15 athletes in a matter of 20 minutes while constantly updating myself on new research. Working with athletes one-on-one attracted me to the area, in addition to my own experiences as an athlete persevering through frequent injuries. Although, I acquired a foundational medical education, my soul needed more. Exploration.

London gave me a taste of what it is like to explore. Not only did I immerse myself in another culture, but I also gained a greater appreciation for my Native American culture. I approached many of my challenges as a Navajo study abroad student with a curious mindset. I had to be more observant and meticulous than ever in the city and in my multimedia journalism class. I figured out how to articulate the experience as positive and mind-opening stories for my friends, family, and colleagues. My time overseas assured me that journalism is my niche.

Journalism gives me this freedom to explore the world; to learn a little bit about everything. It allows me to explore all my interests and passions, and to become a very well-rounded human being. Talking with strangers about their passion, career trajectories, and their personal stories inspired me to strive for my own aspirations. It is with these stories that I want to inspire others. I believe that words on paper, or online, can change a life. The simplest idea has a story to it, whether it is a fight against HIV/AIDS, social justice, or Native American health. I want to extrapolate these tribal, domestic, and international issues and bring them to the surface for the public to see/read.

It is with storytelling, my travel experiences, Native American heritage, and a hungry mind that I plan to use to accomplish my other goals. I’m very interested in pursuing two Master degrees: journalism and public health. Not too far in the future, I hope to join the Peace Corps to expand my knowledge of more cultures. I also plan to start a magazine and website to help Native American youth work toward a higher education.

In the end, I hope to make public health, athletic training, and journalism work well together. I want to learn, explore, teach, help, heal, and inspire others. I know my athletic training degree is not exactly perfect for one of the most well-known newspapers in the country. But my educational experiences, Native American background, and desire to help and inspire people with my writing are.

During my down time I’m either back home on the Navajo Nation that borders the San Juan Valley, spending time with family, scrolling on Facebook or Twitter or helping a fellow world changer with a project or two.