Media Production Work

2014 National Native Media Conference, Native Voice Program

Gratefully, I applied to and was accepted to the the Native Voice Program by the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) in the summer of 2014. This opportunity also lead to me being a fellow of the Native American Journalism Fellowship through NAJA.

For one week in July 2014, us students experienced intense training in reporting, editing, video shooting, video editing, and audio editing. Our work was published online and in the Native Voice student newspaper distributed to the conference goers.

2014 Native Voice NEWS

Eliminate Hate @FLC

During my last semester (Fall 2013) at Fort Lewis College, I volunteered and became Co-Producer of the Web Presence Team for Eliminate Hate @FLC. Our professorand Interactive Media Production class wanted to bring awareness to Hate.

Recent hate crimes went unnoticed for three years and influenced students, staff, and faculty in a way that made their lives difficult. Our goal was to bring awareness and celebrate the diversity on our campus.

Our Web Presence Team brainstormed created this website with input from students on campus, in our classroom, and our professor:

In addition to the website, we had to pitch ideas for mini projects. As the NoH8 Campaign has their well-known photos with the tape over the mouth, my “Be The Change” idea became the slogan for Eliminate Hate @FLC.


Ann Arbor TheaterNSF International, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Undergraduate Public Health Scholars (CUPS) Program

My internship with NSF International in Ann Arbor, Michigan included expanding and increasing the social media visibility for the Education and Training Department. The Training Specialist assigned me to create an allergen awareness video for their webinar trainings. I completed this assignment with my iPhone4 and iMovie. Initially, I used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit the video, but experienced technical difficulties. So I completed the task by teaching myself how to work iMovie in a day at the University of Michigan campus.





International Studies Abroad (ISA) in London, United Kingdom (July 2012)


While I studied abroad in London for the summer of 2012, our assignment was to keep a blog. My multimedia journalism professor encouraged us to use WordPress in every capacity possible from links to video diaries and opinion pieces. Here is my blog of my time in London: London is Better than Paris.

“The Athletic Trainer”

I created this video for my Senior Presentation for the Fort Lewis College Athletic Training Education Program.



“Tips for Future FPHLPers”

I really enjoyed my time with the Future Public Health Leaders Program and grew very close to 47 other interns over 10 weeks. I wanted to show my appreciation for the FPHLP staff and promote the program to future “FPHLPers.”



“8 Major Allergens”

The 8 Major Allergens video was created during my internship at NSF International (Ann Arbor, Michigan). I created this video using my iPhone and iMovie. It allowed me to really think outside the box and use the equipment I had.



“Water Promotion by #GLADIATORS”

My cohort and I created a very short promotion video on water during our time with the Future Public Health Leaders Program. 



“Culture Differences”

While I studied abroad in London, my multimedia journalism professor told us to go out and interview complete strangers.



“Gavin’s Point Dam: Missouri River Flooding 2011”

I co-produced this video while I attended the American Indian Journalism Institute.



“World Champion Candy Sorter”

I co-produced this video while I attended the American Indian Journalism Institute.



“Queen Contest 2011”

I co-produced this audio and photo slideshow while I attended the American Indian Journalism Institute.


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